P a i d   A p p s   E n a b l e r


Are you fed up with the incompetency of your mobile operator? Have you also waited more than you'd think should be enough for paid apps to arrive in your country?

Wait no more, Paid Apps Enabler will enable your Market App to browse and buy paid apps, just like if you were registered with one of the predefined US / UK / German carriers, or any other custom carrier you supply.

The program is open sourced and published on github (check out the Download section below for details) under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 creative commons license.

Contact: paidappsenabler_at_cohortor_dot_org

More apps: Tuner - gStrings || DCSwitch || RTT || Metronome Widget


03/25/10 - v1.1

Improved error handling with instructions when executing on non-rooted phones, or phones with missing 'grep', 'kill', etc commands.

03/21/10 - v1.0

Initial release, lets you activate predefined operator/SIM location settings (e.g. US-TMobile, UK-Vodafone, D-O2). You can also create/use your own settings and add them to the list of predefined ones.

DOWNLOAD Creative Commons License

PaidAppsEnabler_v1.1.apk is the latest binary release (APK, 73kB). If you have SlideMe installed, you will find this app on the SlideMe market as well, download it from there!

Clone git://github.com/cohortor/PaidAppsEnabler.git with your favorite GIT client to check out the source. E.g. in a linux shell, you would execute `git clone git://github.com/cohortor/PaidAppsEnabler.git`


main activity of Paid Apps Enabler new settings dialog of Paid Apps Enabler

Requirements: a rooted android device with 'grep' and 'su' installed. If you do not know how to do this, google for 'cyanogen' and follow the instructions!

Once you start the program, you are presented with a list of known properties for several countries and operators (click the thumbnails on the left to see a screenshot). The list item with the green background shows your current settings. Clicking on any of the remaining items will bring up a small context menu letting you 'Activate' the selected properties. After proceeding, you will have to confirm assignment of superuser privileges to the process. Thats it. Now run your market app and enjoy access to the full palette of apps available for the country/operator pair you have chosen!

You also have the option to create your own set of properties by clicking on MENU -> Add Custom. Note how the custom user properties created this way are highlighted in the list with a green header. The context menu for these items will include the additional option of deleting the given item in case your values would need correction..

Please note that superuser privileges are used only to (1) set system properties on the OS level, (2) kill the market app if running, and (3) clean the market app cache store. After all, the code is opensource; go ahead and make sure by looking at it yourself!

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